Four Different Dog Deterrents That Mold Your Dog Into The Perfect Pet

27 March 2017
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Dogs are unpredictable creatures. One day you may have the sweetest pitbull anyone has ever seen, and the next day he may attempt to maul the neighbor's dog or child. You have to be ready for the unpredictable nature of dogs by training them to obey. Deterrents and rewards are the best methods for training dogs to do what you want them to do and what you expect them to do. Here are just a few of the many dog deterrent products you can buy to help train your dog.

Going Potty in the House

Dogs who do not have other dogs to follow out of the house will automatically pick spots in your home to lift a leg or crouch. That leaves you with lots of unpleasant and smelly messes to clean up. Sometimes you cannot get out to walk your dog or you are not home to take him/her out when you know he/she needs to go. Installing a doggy door in your back door helps, but make sure your back yard is well-fenced or you may lose your dog.

Also, until your pooch gets the idea, you may want to set up a doggy crate that latches onto the frame of the doggy door and encourages your dog to get out through the doggy door as the only means of exit from the crate. This may decrease the number of in-house accidents you experience. There are also some smell deterrents that ward dogs off of previous locations where they may have been marking.


If you have given your pooch all the things he/she can possibly chew safely and it does not work, try some spray-on products. These usually have a very nasty bitter taste that causes dogs to run the other way. The products are typically natural, involving bitter apple, lemon, super-sour citric acid, and/or very bitter vinegar. On most hard surfaces, they will have no effect. On soft things like pillows, you may have to consider other behavioral approaches.

Attacking Everyone That Comes to the Door

Some dog breeds are just built to protect their families. While that is all good and fine for you, it is not good for everyone that visits or frequents your home for other things (e.g., the mail delivery person). Dog whistles are effective tools, but must be used consistently in conjunction with treats to get your dog to back away from the door and sit down. Other, louder and more audible instruments for dog training are also available, and are likely to spook your dog so that he/she momentarily forgets why he/she is heading toward the door. To learn more, contact a company like Sound Defense.