What Do Dogs Learn In Advanced Obedience Classes?

11 February 2020
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Generally, it is a good idea to take your puppy to at least a few beginner obedience classes. In these classes, dogs will learn the basics needed to get along in a household — generally how to sit, stay, wait for treats, and maybe roll over. Most dogs don't really need more training than this, but of course, more training can be helpful, and it can be really good for breeds that tend not to listen as well naturally. If you think your dog could use more than the basic obedience classes, then enroll in an advanced obedience course. Here are some of the skills you can expect your dog to learn in such a class.

Off-Leash Commands

In basic obedience classes, most cues are usually given to dogs on a leash. You might do a basic sit-and-stay off the leash, but still, you won't go more than a few steps from your dog. In advanced classes, there is a lot more off-leash work. You may have your dog sit and stay as you walk across the room over even leave the room. You might ask them to lie down from far across the room, too.

Hand Commands

It's really helpful for dogs to learn not only voice commands but hand commands too. This gives you the ability to cue your dog in busy, loud spaces. Plus, if your dog loses their hearing in old age, which is common, you will still be able to communicate. Your instructor will help you teach your dog to associate certain hand signals with the verbal cues they already know, like sit and lie down.

The Go Away Command

It's easy to get your dog to come to you — it's what they naturally want to do when you're the keeper of the treats! What is harder is teaching them to leave or go away. Yet, this command can come in really handy when you're at home and trying to do something and your dog is getting in the way. You can give your dog the right command and they'll leave the room.

Distraction Training

Another major component of advanced obedience classes is learning to cope with distractions. You will teach your dog to ignore things like people on bikes, heavy traffic, squirrels, and other people and pay attention to you instead. This can help you feel more confident about bringing your dog with you to public places.

If you have any questions as to what a specific advanced obedience course includes, just ask! There is a bit of variation between classes, but in general, you should expect to focus on the above. Contact businesses like Ridge Side K9 to learn more.