4 Reasons Why Your Chihuahua Doesn't Listen To Your Commands

26 July 2019
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The Chihuahua breed might be small, but they have big attitudes. If you have a dog of this breed that doesn't listen to you, you know this information all too well. However, if you can't get your dog to obey your commands, it's not your dog — it's you. Learn some of the reasons why your dog is ignoring you.

1. No Backbone

A dog is very much like a child in that they base their actions on the actions of the authoritative figure in their life. If your dog knows that you will tell them to get off the couch now, but if they try again later, you won't put up a fight, they will play on your inability to have a backbone and be consistent. If you want your dog to listen to your orders, you have to be willing to repeat yourself over and over and not give in. 

2. Lack of Activity

You might have an issue with your dog ignoring your commands if they are bored as well. A Chihuahua is full of energy, and it's the job of the owner to help them exert some of this energy. If the dog is bored, it might not be that they don't want to follow your commands, but the dog could have so much energy built up that he or she might find it hard to focus. In addition to making your dog more obedient, remember that regular activity is also an important part of keeping your animal healthy.

3. Providing Endless Food

Your dog should not be able to enjoy an endless supply of food. First, it's not healthy. Second, it doesn't let the dog learn about the hierarchy of the household. Your dog knows that food is important. If you can teach your dog that their only way to food is through you, the animal will be more obedient. Otherwise, if the dog knows that there is always food available in their bowl, they don't exactly understand where it comes from. 

4. No Structure

Chihuahuas do benefit from regular structure. For example, your pet should be able to recognize that there is time for going to the bathroom, a time to go outside and play, and a time when you command them to go it in their bed. Establishing structure is similar to controlling food in that it helps build your role as the authoritative figure or the parent. 

Dog training isn't just about the animal. It's also about teaching owners how to give commands and work with their pet. Dog training can help you leave your obedience woes in the past.